Suburban proposal to Istanbul Third Airport

İIstanbul Tipncü airportı 8216;na suburban proposal
Istanbul's third air conditioning will be too far from the city Metro almost impossible. So it's best suburban.
1- Çatalca train Starting from the station, a railway line from the northern villages extends up to the village of Garipçe where one leg of the new strait bridge will be located; Haraççı-Kayabaşı one area between the scissors north by leaving a line to go to Istanbul Third Airport.
2 - Çatalca-Garipçe line, Çatalca-Airport, Garipçe-Airport.
3- Cars going from Çatalca to the Airport will travel between Haraççı-Airport and the vehicles coming from Garipçe will go at a higher speed between Kayabaşı-Airport.

How will the region be transported?
1- MarmarayRailroad station should be extended to the Çatalca station.
2- IETT at Silivri-Catalca Station, Buyukcekmece-Catalca Station and Avcilar Metrobus-Hadımköy New Station in the form of bus lines opening from Silivri to Avcılar south of the districts should be provided.
3-Thracian trains and if you can see that it is done in one day Thrace TOTALThracians will also be able to use the airport effectively because it will stop at Çatalca.
4 - IETT lines can be opened from the Zeytinburnu, Esenler, Bağcılar, Bayrampaşa, Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa districts to Habibler New Station and transportation to the airport can be reached.
5- Besiktas-Sarıyer subway and M2 Hacıosman-Çayırbaşı extensions and bosphorus and Haliç districts should be reached to the airport and even to the airport.
6- If the Bakırköy-Başakşehir subway is extended to Başakşehir New Station, the public can be reached at the airport where the M3 passes.
7- Harem, Uskudar Metro station and Kadıköy Metro IETT lines that will be opened to Tarabya New Station from the station should be ensured that the inhabitants of the Anatolian Side can use the new airport.

NOTE: IMM or UBAK has no such project. This project is just a proposal.

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