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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved 2 billion 71 million 669 thousand TL 2013 Year Budget of IETT General Directorate. IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı pointed out that the new 700 buses bought new buses, and os 700, which is all domestic, will be delivered to 12,5 from 4 to XNUMX for the average age of the fleet. Alın
141 continues to serve Istanbul with years of experience X
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2013 Year Budget and Performance Program of IETT General Directorate. Municipal Council in Saraçhane City Hall 2. Deputy Chairman Göksel Gümüşdağ, who presented the budget to the Municipal Assembly at the meeting held under the chairmanship of Göksel Gümüşdağ. Hayri Baraçlı, 141 for years, burdens the burden of public transportation IETT, such as Istanbul to provide more services to an ancient city day by day 365 24 hours of continuous work, he said.

IETT, which is considered to be the lifeblood of Istanbul with its accumulation and experience, carries the population that continues to increase every day from one point to another, while carrying a crowded world capital from many countries in Europe to the adan future devam, General Manager Baraçlı says that ik he said that he acted with the mission of managing knowledge in national and international areas by regulating transportation in a way to meet unmet needs and by playing a balancing role in the sector.
Dr. Hayri Baraçlı said, Hay Our vision in this direction is; We have identified as the leader company that facilitates city life, is sensitive to the environment and can manage alternative energy sources. Today, IETT has become one of the largest fleets in Europe with the 2 bin 643. In addition, IETT conducts and supervises the 14 30 Private Public Bus with 2 and Sea-Air integrated buses. As IETT, we carry 697 (2012) 631 (5) 340 (3.5), 6 (524). However, the total 4 bin 568 stall with the 11 bin 92 turned on and the 9 bin 5 closed; 1 garage, XNUMX parking garage, XNUMX units with engine renewal units continue to serve Istanbul and Istanbul, aj he said.
2007 in Istanbul, the main artery of the traffic problem as an alternative taken into operation in the metrobüsün Avcılar-Beylikdüzü line with the introduction of the 53 kilometer or even between the Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü 83 minutes to bring down the Baracli, the 440 Xnumx vehicle in the Metrobus line transported by 750 hours of uninterrupted service that was passed .
40 of the budget is divided into investments
XETX 2013 2 71 669 40 annually stated that the budget of 2013 thousand TL, the budget of about 796 of the investment has attracted attention. 990 758 95 thousand TL in total, which aims to make an investment in the Baraçlı, the largest share of investments in 700 million TL (700) bus purchases generated, he said. Barasli said that they have bought new 12,5 buses so far, and underlined that the average age of the İETT fleet will be reduced from 4 to XNUMX with the delivery of the new XNUMX new bus.

Within the framework of the fleet renewal work they launched in 2011, Hayri Baraçlı, the General Manager Hayri Baraçlı, stated that they have renewed more than half of the buses with an investment of% 95 with their own resources as an investor.
Dostu By the end of 2013, all of the buses of IETT will be air-conditioned, accessible and environmentally friendly in compliance with international standards. From this point of view, an investment of this size, which even the financial and investment circles are surprised by similar institutions that make public transportation in the world, is a great pride for IETT, which is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. At this point, we are indebted to Mr. Kadir Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, to ensure that the IETT fleet becomes one of the most powerful fleets in the world. While renewing our fleet, one of the most important issues we have noticed is that disabled citizens can use public transportation comfortably. I would like to emphasize once again that we prefer one hundred percent accessible low floor buses. In our fleet, we are working on making our semi-low floor vehicles, which are not suitable for handicapped access, to adapt the disabled ramp and wheelchairs to make them suitable for hundred percent disabled access. Uz
'Golden Ant' award to İstanbulkart İstanbul
Another investment is the transformation of 100 bus to CNG-fueled bus, which is very important for environmentalist transportation. Hayri Baraçlı said, önemli The source for this is 7 million 500 thousand pounds. After the bus purchases, the second biggest investment is 9 million 987 thousand TL and we have dedicated to the renewal of the data processing network structure sonra.
Dr. Hayri Baraçlı gave the following information about IT infrastructure in which new technologies will be included in the system; Ir There is an average of over 5 million per day in the entire public transportation system throughout Istanbul. In parallel with technological developments and innovations in 2010, Akbil was transferred to Elektronikkart. With the realization of this project, we can track the journeys in electronic environment, create a database about the distribution of passenger density according to regions and make correct line optimization with density tracking on line basis. In recent months, we conducted a joint study with the Council of Higher Education and universities, and launched a new application that allowed students to receive discount travel cards at the time of registration and delivered the card of 11 bin 38 from the 109 university in Istanbul. Another one of the innovations we have made about electronic materials; travel card in order to prevent the loss of passengers who want to pass the system was to pass. With this new application, the passengers who want to get a card by appointment or online application by making an online record, not waiting for the queue and lost time. In addition, we have prevented improper travel by converting corporate cards that provide free access to electronic cards. Ayrıca
The most technological services in IETT hizmet
Since 2010 years have begun to bear fruit of their investments in istanbulkart, istanbulkart Turkey's most serious local governments award he accepted the Golden Ant Municipal Awards Baraçlı reminiscent awarded the first prize in the transportation branch of the contest, "We are launching the recently mobile service period . With the application called NFC, you will be able to make payments from your mobile phone, install credits, and transfer credits. Smart label devices or bar codes that will be placed in our stops will be able to see instantly information about buses and routes that pass through smartphones. In addition to all these applications, we will deploy the short message line 4388 in 2013, where you can get information about the bus lines by locating the location via GPS üzerinden.
Stating that IETT has developed a special model not only for the bus fleet but also for improving the service quality of every point contacted with passengers such as bus stop, travel agency, travel card bureaus, ası . We measure the level of our service quality and determine our areas that are open to improvement by making clear and confidential inspections at every point of our institution with the Service Quality Measurement Model that we determined the way and methods belir.
In order to meet the perceptions and expectations of the passengers applying to our institution through the Call Center or 444 1871 in writing, they organize perceptive meetings every month. held in Turkey Call Center awards "Most Praiseworthy Call Center" was passed continuously upgrade the quality of services showed that taking the prize.
General Manager Baraçlı pointed out that they started the Integrated Management System studies at the end of 2011 in order to provide better quality service to the people of Istanbul at world standards and to manage the management disciplines covering all service areas under a single roof and in a holistic manner. 20 international quality certificates kazanhe said he was yelled at.
They have recently obtained the "Turkish Standards Institute Service Adequacy Certificate" and "Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement Authorization Certificate", and that 5 more quality certificates have been obtained within the scope of Integrated Management Systems studies. kazanBaraçlı stated that it is among their 2013 targets to increase the Emphasizing that they will make great progress in providing superior service quality with the EFQM Excellence Model, which undertakes a very important task in identifying areas to be improved in order to reduce costs and increase service quality, Baraçlı also noted that IETT examines European companies with successful performance in order to increase their competitiveness and quality. stressed.
IETT sets the standards of public transport
under Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation cooperation protocol signed by the van driver, School Service Truck Driver of Public Personnel Service Truck Drivers and Bus Driver professional standards, underlining that they will prepare together Hayri Baraçlı, "the past months minibus driver with a school service vehicle driver who completed the professional standards of work IETT the other 2 continues to prepare the standard for the profession. In addition to this, Authorization Certificate has been obtained from Vocational Qualification Authority to determine occupational standards of Metrobus Chauffeur,.
Iy Public Transport Way Y successfully implemented
To relieve public transport and to encourage citizens to use public transportation vehicles, public transport vehicles will use the "Public Transport Way" (Bus Lane), which reminded me to start the application, IETT General Manager Hayri Baracli, 2 service even satisfaction is at the top level, he said.
Environmentalist IETT Çevre
Stating that the transport sector is responsible for the 2 of global CO23 emissions, Hayri Baraçlı said, att We took an important step to determine the impact of IETT on climate change and to minimize this impact, and we calculated the carbon footprint we left to the world with the energy we used to produce the service. With this study, we have also contributed to the development of the corporate culture in energy use. In addition, within the scope of the carbon footprint calculation project, our company has included a software application on the corporate website where carbon emissions can be calculated as a result of transportation alternatives Ayrıca.

General Manager Hayri Baraçlı'dan after taking the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Group Ergün Turan also stated that IETT is constantly young with investments and services, and thanked his team with Hayri Baraçlı. CHP Group Vice President Fahrettin Kayhan, constructive criticism IETT contributed to the contribution, he said. After the speeches, IETT's 2013 Year Budget and Performance Program; 131 yes, 58 rejection and 2 accepted by invalid vote.

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