Hyundai Rotem Co., Ltd. - HEMU-430X Very High Speed ​​Train (Video)

Hyundai Rotem Co., Ltd., 21. In order to improve the railway transportation, which is one of the most preferred public transportation methods in public transportation in the 19th century, it produces railway vehicles such as high-speed trains, electric trains, magnetic rail trains and standard trains. With its technical know-how and vast experience, Greece, Hong Kong, United States, Ireland, India, Turkey and some other Asian countries also in the countries where its customers in 33 offers the highest quality service. Hyundai Eurotem has started to contribute to large scale projects such as the new metro trains for the Istanbul Metro and the 2007 TCDD electric commuter trains project by producing the most technologically advanced railway vehicles with the technologies it put into practice from Hyundai Rotem and with the help of Hyundai Rotem.

A total of 93.1 Bill Won (Approx. 62,7 Million Euro) was spent for the train set, which was revealed with the contribution of the Korean Railway Research Institute and Hyundai Rotem.

With the new sets that can be tested at the speed of 430km / hour, thanks to the multi-traction systems, energy savings, according to KTX-Sancheon (KTX II) train sets, the number of seats increased by 16. In addition, it has a light and durable body structure. With the new aerodynamic structure, efficient energy use and lightened body, this train set is fully loaded, while the 233 can accelerate at 300km / h per second. 5 2015km test drive will be developed by 430km test speed up to 100.000.
Hyundai Rotem new generation speed train set video:


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