Minister Yildirim said Yozgat'ı fast train will bring | High speed train

Minister Yıldırım said we will get Yozgat Fast Train | High speed train
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that the length of the divided road reached 16 a thousand square kilometers and said, X The contribution of fuel and time savings to these divided roads exceeds 14,4 billion pounds ve. Lightning, among them Yozgat, including the province of 11 said they are trying to get the fast train.
Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas high-speed trains connecting the train works are continuing intensively. The final statement on the High Speed ​​Train Project, which was planned to be carried out in 2015, was made by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım.
Minister Yıldırım, the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, the Ministry's presentation of the budget of the year 2013 in the statement, transportation and communication; He stated that by establishing the infrastructure of the sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism, it is a strategic sector with important functions that provide many social benefits such as village-city integration, cultural unity and balanced population distribution besides economic development.
2013 19 billion 182 billion years of the budget proposal for the Ministry Central and affiliates stated that the sum of the Lightning, including the city's subway investment in the portion of the total investment allocated to the 8,5 pound, he stressed. 2013 35 year for the Ministry center and related ministry, related with the investment and other expenditures of the concerned institutions and organizations in the total budget size is reached 14 billion pounds, explaining that the 436 billion XNUMX million pounds as part of the direct investment was recalled.
Turkey's xnumx'ınc in Europe, the world xnumx'inc High-speed train operation of pointing out that not a coincidence become the country Yıldırım, "after the Ankara-Eskisehir line, built as the world's fastest, most affordable High Speed ​​Rail route The Ankara-Konya line was built and put into service by Turkish workers and entrepreneurs. Our people's half-century dream was realized. Halk
Istanbul, Bursa, Yozgat, Sivas, Izmir, Bilecik, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Afyon, Usak and Manisa high-speed train to work intensively stating that the Lightning, said:
Işte Our airports, which are called as son Turkish Model ım and developments in our airline transportation, which deviate the estimations of experts, our tube crossing projects passing by railway and road, and the success of our highways which connect each province with the divided road, are the result of these determined and planned works.
Only 6 provinces with the divided highway connecting from Turkey, today 74 divided road that leads to the city, we came to a high-speed rail in Turkey which attempts to spread to many provinces.

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