Hijaz Railway Exhibition Opening

The Hicaz Railroad exhibition, which was previously exhibited in Kastamonu Municipality, is being reopened on demand from the public.
14 at Mustafa Kaya Anatolian High School The u Great Respect for Our Ecards Kast, planned to be opened in Kastamonu in April, will be reintroduced to the public with its photographs and documents.
The researcher who gave information about the exhibition to be opened at 15.30, Mustafa Gezici, Hicaz Railway, II. Abdulhamit 1900-1908 in the years between Damascus and Medina was built, he said. Gezici, mek Hejaz Railway was built specifically to strengthen transportation between Istanbul and the holy land. The Hejaz Railway is one of the greatest dreams of the Ottoman Empire. H
Finally, Gezici said, “We are waiting for all our people of Kastamonu to the Hejaz Railway Exhibition. There are nearly 100 works in our exhibition. There are pictures, memories and objects about the road works carried out on the routes of Istanbul, Syria, Mecca and Medina. We are waiting for all our people to our exhibition ”.

Source : I www.haberxnumx.co

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