Here is the paradise where the quarry will be built | High speed train

Here is a stone quarry | High speed train
High Speed ​​Train (YHT) projected to open in Maşukiye for the production of crushed stone quarries will be used in the construction of the first response to the AKP, AKP deputy Sibel Gönül came from. Sibel Gonul "Do not want to put a dagger in our bond," he came to the support of the militia Mashkini. In the meantime, we visited the 500 acre area which was planned to be built yesterday and we encountered an endless paradise.
planned to be built in forested areas of the response of the people against the stone quarry in Maşukiye revealed in the EIA meeting, followed by Abdullah Ozturk as Provincial Director of Agriculture to approve this project, also resigned from his post. Yesterday Maşukiye Soğuksu District Headman Zülküf'd Abe, of gazing, really big response to Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Suadiye Mayor Şükrü catfish and the AK Party Kartepe County Chairman Hasan KANDAZ that should put said.
Maşukiye Soğuksu Quarter Mukhtar Abu'd Zülküf, stressing that everyone blamed the Governor Ercan Topaca, "the Governor is the state's official. What should be the real reaction should be the names chosen by this city. Everyone says the instruction came from Ankara. Then he should evacuate the authorities, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim manage this city. Do they know how many tons of fruits a year are produced here? We support Sibel Gönül, our deputy and fellow citizen until the end. Millet
Maşukiye Agricultural Development Cooperative Vice President Sami Toktaş is angry at the quarry. Toktaş said: tarım With the opening of this quarry, they will break our green, nature, agriculture and water. Water's gonna get dirty. Here, apples, pears, cherries, walnuts are produced. In our cold storage only 6 thousand tons of fruit is stored. The resignation of Abdullah Öztürk, who is a very valuable bureaucrat who gives us a lot of support in agriculture, is a great loss for us.

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