Haydarpaşaport and Galataport

With the demagoguery in politics, the truths go wrong, and many distortions go wrong. In the political polemics arena, the country's historical cultural heritage is sold under the kültürel privatization plan Polit.
After the publication in the Official Gazette of the 'Haydarpaşaport “in the i transformation project lad area of ​​the Istanbul Haydarpaşa Train Station and its backcourt in the State Railways Administration, where the privatization High Council approved the” new zoning plan' in the noise of the heated agenda. Turkey Maritime Organization of dock space in Karakoy cruise Salıpazarı "Galata Port" as tendered to proclaim them ...
With Haydarpaşa Train Station allocated to the American Embassy as an "election center" for Tuesday's American presidential elections. Kadıköy for the construction of 112 thousand 147 square meters of Karaköy port area, 7-8 floor tourism facilities, residence, shopping centers, luxury hotels, after the square and its surroundings were passed by the City Council in September by the Metropolitan Municipality. a decision was made to revive it. (Sabah, 14.9. 12; Milliyet, 25.10.2012)
Despite the promises of the authorities, after the fire on its roof last year, that Haydarpaşa station, which is the most important port of the Anatolian side, where the land-sea-railways meet, and which constitutes the identity of Istanbul under the protection of the International Protection Group, will be restored with a rapid work, that its station function will be maintained and its historical value will be preserved, With the "Marmaray project", 60 percent of the area of ​​one million square meters was opened for construction as "surplus needs", on the grounds that "it is no longer needed". Likewise, the texture and silhouette of the historical place is being changed with the Galataport project, whose new zoning plan has been approved. The historical buildings in Karaköy and the surrounding historical site area are technically and physically high-grade buildings by real estate companies. kazanThey are turned into solid investments.
The laws, coastal regulations and zoning plans of the summary are changed and the city is organized to be organized for the sake of the rent for the purpose of renting by breaking the laws of the integrity of the plans. Historical datasets, cultural treasures are being plundered, concreteed and destroyed Tarih
Thus, in the AKP administration, where many of the strategic facilities of the country are sold on the anı privatization ve stage, Haydarpaşa and Karaköy ports and areas are being put on sale.
In fact, Haydarpaşa station and field were exhibited at 2005 International Real Estate Exhibition in France and marketed on the site. In the same year, the Karaköy-Salıpazarı port was opened as a fer Galataport project yıl, and was awarded to the Royal Caribbean consortium, which was chaired by the Israeli businessman S. Ofer, who was the leader of the 3 billion 538 million Eurobookings; however, the decision was annulled by the Council of State.
In this regard, the first AKP government, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy responsible for the economy Abdüllatif Şener, the Prime Minister's ına Galataport'u referring to the history of those who blocked the leyen complaint, 'Erdogan is quite sad that the Israeli businessman Ofer'e Galataport was unable to give the notice! Hatta have spoken; Mış As you know, the Prime Minister was the Mayor of Istanbul. Rant knows his job very well. Galataport, the greatest emphasis in the history of the Republic, robbery and zoning rent is.
Şener, who said that he hampered the allegation against Ofer in Jewish origin at the 2006, asked Erdoğan to explain to the public, X How many times did you meet with the Ofer, whom you have awarded at the Galataport? 5 times, 6 times? When the party was celebrated at the Bilkent Hotel in Ankara, did you get Ofer from the hotel's food door? Did you see him at the hotel for two hours? What did you see if you met? What other offers did you give? ” (Gases, 9.10.2009)
In the coming stage, the “Galataport” and “Haydarpaşaport unda annuity annuities, which are re-organized in the heart of the agenda, are missed. Just as the media criticizing the government on the maintenance of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge through the maintenance of the eleştir grievances of the Istanbulites mağ were criticizing the government, the billions of billions of deals passed on the inside pages.
In this respect, in his two-and-a-half-hour talk at the Kızılcahamam meeting, the Prime Minister complained that den the giant city hospitals were hampered, Taksim with the complaint m Unfortunately, there is still a court in front of us. Asında çuk Behey guerrillas, come to yourself! Asında "Haydarpaşaport" as he was loaded, and the fact that the judiciary did not mention a single word about the "Galataport" contracts, which he had canceled, was striking.
It seems that the evil eye and the distortions, the “look at the cambaza b game is deflected evil eye. With Bediuzzaman's determination il the threats, the fears, the tricks and the wisdom (public opinion) are translated into a certain medium. The nation's judgment can be closed in a little while. Anda (İşârât'ül İ'câz, 164)
The latest example of “Haydarpaşaport, and kaç Galataport un claims being missed from the eyes of the public“

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