Haydarpasa station will be a hotel and shopping center

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved Haydarpasa Port project. According to the project, the Haydarpasa station will be the hotel and shopping center, the railway behind the residence, and the Harem bus station will be green. The skyscraper was allowed to be erected in the area.
Haydarpaşa Port project, which has been discussed for a long time, was allowed. With the zoning plan change approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, the way to build a hotel, shopping center and residence in Haydarpaşa Station and Harem was opened.
One of the most important projects of Istanbul 'Haydarpaşa Port' project related to the "1 / 5000 scale Harem Region and Haydarpasa Port and Back Field Master Plan for Amendment" proposal was accepted by the majority of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. According to this, Haydarpasa Port and the area behind it can be changed.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, November, the third meeting of the meeting, the Harem and Haydarpasa station plan was presented to the vote of the commission report. Although the members of the CHP voted 'rejected', the AK Party members voted 'yes' and the vote was accepted by majority. The development plan, 19 was approved on June 2012.
In the commission report approved by the Assembly, a part of the uzaklık Istanbul Strait Highway Transit Tunnel Project t is located within the Haydarpaşa Port Area.
Controversial project
Haydarpaşa Airport Port Project is one of the projects discussed since 2004 Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Branch 2. Sabri Orcan President, about 4 million square meters in the area of ​​hotels, congress halls, shopping centers and marina, and the region will be opened to tourism, he said. Also, the project is planned to build 30-based skyscrapers with 40-7 floors in the current port area. It is not planned as a public area. Current train area will be opened for reconstruction, Şu he said. Orcan, Haydarpaşa station, which will be eliminated with the project, is one of the most important symbols of Istanbul. Maybe the train density can be reduced, but the train should definitely come here. However, when the project takes place to go to Ankara by train to go to Gebze will need to gerçek.
Bir Gar is a historical and cultural whole with the harbor and its surroundings. Protection of the 1st Group by the Conservation Board has been registered as the necessary cultural entity. Koruma
Open to tourism
When the Haydarpaşa Port project, which covers a large area ranging from Harem to Moda nose, will be opened to tourism. Within the scope of the project, Haydarpaşa station is planned to be renewed. Accordingly, the gar will undergo two years of renewal. After that, it will be used as a solid museum and the materials of the train history will be exhibited here. The kiosks in the ward are included in the garage and used as a shopping place. The Harem bus station will be green.
'Silhouette will not be broken'
Providing opinion on the acceptance of the project in the Metropolitan Municipality Council with a majority of the Minister of Tourism Ertugrul Gunay, part of the project that concerns them, Haydarpaşa 's silhouette is not to break, he said. Emphasizing that there are no problems in this issue, Günay said, ü What concerns us in the project is that the silhouette of the structure is not overshadowed and the originality of the structure does not disappear. We don't have any trouble about that. The historic building of Haydarpasa will be preserved as it is and the height around it
will not be a structure that exceeds, aş he said.

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