Haydarpaşa Station, Kadıköy Master Plan for Protecting Square and Surroundings Suspended

Haydarp toşa Gar, Kadık12 has been suspended for 12 month from November until 2012 December 1.
The final arrangement decision for the Haydarpasa Railway Station and the Port Transformation Project was on 13 September 2012 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council and there was no obstacle in the implementation of the Haydarpasa Port Project.
In the following days, the news of the Haydarpasa Train Station was transferred to the Presidency of Privatization Administration (ÖİB) has come to the agenda, and in fact, the day before the approval of the privatization decision (12 September 2012 date) appeared to be made.
12 November 2012, which is suspended in the history of the Master Plan for Conservation of Protection Plan Gar, cultural facilities, tourism and accommodation is expressed as the area. The ground floor of the building TCDD while the other floors will be used as a cultural center, social facility and accommodation facility with its historical, cultural and social infrastructure.
Plana and plan notes can be accessed from the gallery above.

Source : http://www.arkitera.com



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