German Journalists Antalya Transportation Inc. inspects tram with officials

Cardedş Kent Nünberg'th German Journalists from Antalya Transportation Inc. visited. A group of German journalists who took the tram from the stop of the square and visited the city center of Antalya Transportation Inc., examined the rail system route. In the course of the travel, the journalists of the Turkish Journalists Association of Antalya, Mevlüt Yeni and Antalya Ulaşım A.Ş. Technical Affairs Manager İsmail Özçelik was accompanied by the city of Nünberg. tramabout the future of Antalya German journalists exchanging ideas with İsmail Özçelik, Technical Affairs Manager, tramhe examined the maintenance on site. The delegation from Özçelik by visiting the facility, Nünberg tramabout the operation of Antalya Transportation Inc. officials.

Guest journalists were the guests of ICF Airports Board Member and General Coordinator of IC Holding Tourism Group Abdullah Keleş in the evening of the same day. Antalya Fish House in the night held in the old Antalya Provincial Police Director Ali Yilmaz, President of the Association of Antalya Journalists Mevlut Yeni and members of the board of directors also participated. For a weekly visit to the 1, the Turkish authorities, who had a pleasant conversation with the delegation from the sister city of Nünberg, stated that they had strengthened the bond of friendship between them thanks to the food they came together with.

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