Gebze-İzmit High Speed ​​Train Works in progress

📩 25/11/2018 15:14

Due to the fact that the High Speed ​​Train Line is located in dense residential and industrial areas, between Gebze-Izmit, which is the most important transit route, the rails in some regions have been completely dismantled in the works that started since February 1, when all train services were stopped. While the 1890-year-old railway line, built in 122, is completely renewed, the physical and geometric conditions of the existing line are made suitable for High Speed ​​Train operation.
As in previous explanations, 9 tunnels, 10 bridges, 122 culverts were replaced, as well as 28 new culverts and 2 underpasses were constructed. Concrete sleepers which will be used in the transition in the city of Izmit were brought along with the wagons and started to accumulate along the line.
According to the statements made by the Ministry of Transport, the project, which is planned to be completed on October 29, 2013, continues without interruption. When the line is completed, the Istanbul-Ankara journey will be reduced to 2 hours by High Speed ​​Train. Along with the High Speed ​​Train Line, the suburban train line parallel to the same line is also being improved. In addition, taking into account the industrial city of Kocaeli and the need to transport industrial products to the ports, it was decided to build a third line.
As it is known due to the High Speed ​​Train Line project, as of February 1, 2012, Istanbul's railway connection with Anatolia has also been disconnected. This, in turn, brought an additional burden to traffic on highways at the Kocaeli crossing, which is a bridge between Istanbul and Anatolia. Especially this summer, the increase in road traffic was felt to a large extent due to the halting of suburban and other train services. However, when the project is completed, this problem will come to an end.

Source: FocusHaber

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