(Flash News) BursaRay's subway vehicles are quietly in Bursa

As is known, Burulaş AŞ is located on the 29.8 m from RET (Rotterdam Electric Tram), a subway and tram operating company in the city of Rotterdan in the Netherlands, 44 pieces purchased used vehicles. We have previously reported that these vehicles will go to Germany. However, according to another statement from RET, two of the SG2-series of Bursa metro vehicles have reached Bursa.
The vehicles to be taken from Rotterdam were first taken to the city of Rheinbach in Germany for renewal for BursaRay. In fact, the first vehicle 21 in October 2012 had already been taken care of in Germany for electrical parts replacement. But RAYHABER 44 from the 2 vehicle was quietly delivered to Bursa due to test drives and trainings.
Burulaş Inc. Training and testing stages for vehicles coming to the store continue.
The following video shows the vehicles that head towards Bursa in the night from Rotterdam.

You can reach the pictures of the SG-2 series metro vehicles which reach Bursa in the photo gallery below.


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