The first and original Orient Express is the first express that passes through half a dozen countries and connects Istanbul with Europe.

Orient Express,
The first and original Orient Express is the first express train that passes through half a dozen countries and connects Istanbul with Europe. Europe's first luxury bed express,
The train traveling between Paris and Istanbul between 1883 and 1977. The Orient Express, which belongs to the Wagon-Li Company, started its first flight from Paris in 1883 with the original name Orient-Express.
This first voyage of Orient Express was attended by French, German, Austrian and Ottoman officials and diplomats. Edmond Aboutda was a novelist and journalist.
Edmond About published his memoirs about this trip in the book 1884 in De Ponteise a Stamboul.
The Times correspondent also II. He stayed in Istanbul for a while to meet with Abdülhamit.
After the start of the Orient Express voyages, those who came to Istanbul were staying in various hotels in the city.
As of 1895, passengers coming to Istanbul started to stay in Pera Palas, which was bought by Vagon-Li Company, which operated the train.
4 year-long (1914-1918) World War I did not make the Orient Express flights. The train stayed at the station during the war.
1 The war that ended World War I was signed in the 2419 train car of the Oriental Express near Paris between Germany and Germany. Later this wagon was placed in the museum by the French due to its historical importance. In World War I, when Germany invaded France, Hitler asked the Germans to sign the handover agreement on the historic wagon that signed the delivery agreement in World War I.
The 2419 wagon of the Orient Express was removed from the museum.
In this historic car, the French delivery contract was signed.
This wagon was then taken to Germany.
In the 1945, shortly before Germany's surrender, this wagon was destroyed by an SS union.
Thus, for the second time in Germany, this historic wagon was not able to sign an agreement.
As a writer, I am happy that a book written by Agatha Christie has made such a name. The Murder Book on the Orient Express has not been deleted from the minds despite the long years. The orient was costed to him.
We traveled a lot by train.
My father was a civil servant, at the time of our appointment, we would go by train to the new city. That's why I like trains.
While traveling, walking, lying down, going to a restaurant to eat or eat sohbet I like it very much.
I travel to the country I travel abroad, I prefer to go to the cities I will go there by train.
Traveling by train in Germany is very nice. You can travel with pleasure Key
I have traveled a lot between Ankara and Istanbul.
I told you I love trains.
For the history-enthusiast like me, the glamorous state of the Oriental expression ...
The hotel has already been made with in mind.
In the evenings, stylish ladies and gentlemen go to the dining area and eat their meals in a very elegant way.
Very luxurious Yatak
In the comfort of the hotel room how nice it is Otel
I've traveled in beds and turlise, but I think we can get a luxury like the Orient Express with that train and that big money to be paid lı
The Orient Express took place in many parts of history, agreements were made with it, its wagons were taken to museums, rich wagons were bought, and the Germans destroyed several wagons.
A highly adventurous train alı
The Orient Express, which started its trips in 1919, started to be referred to as 'Simplon Orient Express' with the name of the simplon tunnel opened in 1905.
The stations of Germany and Austria, which were the defeats of World War I, were removed from the new voyage route of Şark Ekspres.
So the Orient Express, ParisLozanMilanove Venice over the 58 hour began to reach Istanbul.
The great economic crisis in 1929 led to the reduction of the train's passengers.
Şark Ekpresi was the subject of various novels and films.
The famous British detective novelist Agatha Christie has published her novel, Cin Homicide in the Express Express, Christ in 1934.
The Orient Express was not just a passenger train.
The train carried various commodities to Istanbul and Paris mutually. According to reports published in La Patrie newspaper published in French in Istanbul, thousands of hats and caps were brought to Istanbul with the Orient Express after the 1925 Hat Revolution.
II. During World War II (1939-1945), the Orient Express flights were interrupted again.
II. After World War One of the countries on the route of the train established socialist movements.
Faced with various restrictions due to the Cold War and lost its importance, the Express Express realized its last expedition on 27 May1977.
The wagons of the train were sold at Montecarlo.
The two cars of the train, which was the subject of Agatha Christie's novel 'Murder in the Orient Express', were bought by a British.
Some of the wagons were bought by the Moroccan Royal Palace Museum.
Organized by an organization called Society Expeditions and has a symbolic meaning, the Orient Express 100. 100 from different countries of the world expedition attended the year.
In 1982, Venice-Simplon Orient Express (Private railway company-companies providing luxury train service takes this name) was established.
He was transporting passengers from London and New York to Venice.
This service is given once a year on Orient Express days.
It definitely targets travelers who have plenty of time.
The ticket cost of a passenger to Venice in London is on the 1,200 Pound.
American Express operates in the west of the United States.
It advertises in the form of a luxury travel ship and 5 star hotel. He recently changed his name to the Grand Luxe Rail Journey (very luxury railway travel).


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