The Railroad Tracks

The Railroad Tracks
Within the framework of the accelerated train services to be made in the Bandırma - İzmir line, it was announced that the road maintenance and rail renovation works between Bandırma and Susurluk have reached the final stage.
Head of Sunullah Şener Arabacı, Sunullah Mahallesi and the tunnel between the tunnel during the construction of the expropriation wall during the 3. He said that an 1 km railroad rail was laid on a mud floor, despite repeated warnings from the district chief. Sunullah District Headman Şener Arabacı in his statement; Ta 3 during the expropriation wall work on the route. We've repeatedly warned the district chief. Despite these warnings, we couldn't prevent the flooding of the water after the heavy rains on the railway and the concrete pallets of a rail rail of 1 km in the mud. I would like to once again inform the authorities that the ground here will not dry out and the accelerated train will create a great danger after the 3-4 expedition. If this application is not being edited, 2. a Pamukçu disaster may occur, bir he said. In the following description of the Arabians, by the level of the tunnel before the crossing and 2 years before the flood of the explosion under the railway should be reviewed in the vault passing by specifying; . Due to the fact that the vault is very deep due to the fact that the arm of Bandırma Municipality does not grow, the TCDD Chief shall indicate that they will intervene in their own vehicles.
Flood Raids Stopped on Dere Street
Sunullah Mahallesi Muhtarı Şener Arabacılar After storm water channel layouts in Ordu Caddesi, Sunullah Neighborhood paralleled Ordu Caddesi parallel to Dere Sokak and other streets. ”At the moment, our only problem is the bridges on the State Railways and the relays that aren't on this route,“ he said.

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