'Çorum's dream of railway will come true with us'

'Çorum's dream of railway will come true with us'
Steel, "The demand for the railway is on our heads," he said.
AK Party Deputy Chairman Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Çelik stated that Çorum is in a good position in terms of public facilities.
Speaking as a speaker at the conference after the AK Party Provincial President Hussein Celik came together with the party, "all indicators are good in Çorum," he said.
With the completion of the new connection road to Merzifon Airport, the distance to Çorum will fall to the 43 kilometer, Çelik said, birlikte The railway demand is on our heads Mer.
"750 hospital beds in the hands of the ear," he said Steel, Çorum'dan will pass the highway, he added. AK Party Deputy Chairman Steel, said:
"We are grateful to our Party always Corum people who voted on the average of Turkey. This success we have achieved does not have any political staff. That's why we can invest more in Çorum.
'Airport distant' they say, Merzifon Airport will shorten the 17 mileage with the new route. Ankara Esenboga Airport's distance to the city center will be 50-60 kilometers and Merzifon Airport's distance to Corum will be 43 kilometers. We need to use the public resources efficiently in every province.
Turkey have brought to the troubled times of today. The opposition pumping pessimism. Those who say 'Republic is going hand in hand' in the face of our actions, 'the CHP goes hand in hand' I said the apocalypse. They also criticize our bird with our mouths.
We have a Prime Minister who is committed to his country and nation. We follow the footsteps of the people and go to the feet of political morality is a requirement. There is abundance in action. So the people see who works, who sleeps and knows well.

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