Is BursaRay's second-hand metro vehicle DÜWAG made SG-2 the right choice?

Burulaş AŞ, 29.8 m tall from the subway and tram operating company RET (Rotterdam Electric Tram) of the city of Sabundan, Netherlands, 44 purchased used vehicles. 19 of the second-hand subway vehicles purchased by BursaRay will be dismantled and used as spare parts. Therefore, 25 vehicles will be on the rails next year with 19 sets of spare parts for BursaRay!
The fact that these vehicles, which have been serving in the Çubukdan subway for many years, are 1980 models and work with the 3rd rail electrical equipment, it brings to mind the question of whether they can be integrated with the lines in Bursa.
As it is known, the company that was considered to purchase second-hand metro vehicles, which was previously on the agenda, was Siemens 80D series vehicles. We will see in the coming days whether the SG-2 series vehicles made by DÜWAG, the second-hand metro vehicle purchased by BursaRay, are the right choice or should be considered in other models.
Here is the more modern look of the Siemens 80D Metro tool:



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