The new Bursa cable car is more modern

The new Bursa cable car is more modern: In Bursa, the half-century cable car has been serving the city since 1963 as part of its efforts to make Uludağ a center of attraction again. The new ropeway project, which will increase the existing passenger capacity to 12 times, will be launched with the build-operate-transfer model instead of the old cable car. The new project will also increase the length of the existing 4 meters cable car line to 600 meters, and will be able to go by cable car from Teferrüç to the ski slope in the Hotels area. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who made his last trip with the old cable car before the dismantling of the existing line, said that the new cable car line will also contribute to the city's economy.
Recep Altepe, since the year of 1963 in Bursa, which is one of the symbols of the city and the half-century ropeway, the last expedition of the metropolitan municipality bureaucrats and press members carried out together. President Altepe, Kadyayla Station said in a statement, the historic day of Bursa, witnessing that witnessing, yap Bursa's historical cable car, 50. in the year. So far, we are stopping the operation of the existing ropeway we use to reach Uludağ. With the complete stopping of the system, the construction of the new cable car line, which is the longest cable car in the world, will be intensified. 29 October 1963 was put into service on the cable car, 50. in the year. Highway 34 kilometers from Uludağ to the land. 4 thousand 500 meter line cable car was planned in 1955, work started on 1957, started to serve in 1963. Bursa has been commemorated by its ropeway since then Bursa.
Altepe chairman, half-century, the name of the cable car that no longer lift the current load of stress, emphasizing that many of those who want to go to Uludag had to wait long queues. In the summer months, rather than prefer the Arabian tourists in the transportation of Uludag, the new system may be used in the summer and winter, President Altepe, 8'er passenger cabins will increase the passenger potential of approximately 12 and will be provided in a short time to reach the region of Uludag said.
The new ropeway line with the use of the road will be less preferable President Altepe said: etti Uludağ from the crater lakes to the waterfalls of the earth with a lot of beauty in the corner of heaven. We want this wealth of Bursa to be used in the summer. The roadway was not allowed to expand the road. We also aim to facilitate the transportation of tourists to Uludağ by cable car in winter and winter. The 4 bin 600 meter, which is now the 8 bin, will reach a distance of approximately 500 thousand XNUMX meters, and tourists will be able to go up to Teferrüç, the ski slope in the Hotels area. Şu
Tourists coming to Bursa and staying in the city center can reach the Uludağ in 22 minutes with the new system. Dakik We aim to raise the current line to Sarıalan by July. Within the scope of the works planned to last for 9 months, the cabins are prepared by the Laitner firm in Italy and the cabins are prepared in France. The new ropeway line, which will offer a beautiful and enjoyable journey in a short time with the panoramic view of Uludağ, will add value to Bursa and will also strengthen the economy of our city. Ulu
President Altepe, the new ropeway line was implemented with the build-operate-transfer model, he added. In the new system where the current passenger capacity will be increased to 12 level, with the 8 gondola-type cabin with the capacity of 175, the waiting position will be prevented. Altepe pointed out that the existing cabins are old system cabins made of 1955, and that these cabins, together with the existing ropeway management building, will be given to Bursa as the 'Ropeway Museum' and will be opened to visit.

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