BursaRay Rotterdam Vehicles and Construction

burulas roterdam
burulas roterdam

We would like to inform you more about BursaRay Rotterdam vehicles:

BursaRay vehicle / wagon requirement:

For BursaRay, previously 2 vehicles were auctioned. The first of these was the Siemens 48 B80 type high-based vehicles, the second of which were the vehicles purchased from Bombardier. 3.16 high-tech Bombardier vehicles, each of which is priced at 30 million Euros, are now being used on Bursaray lines.

Therefore, the total number of 78 vehicles, BursaRay line 10 more than minutes in the range of the range of services in the management of Burulaş.

At the moment the number of vehicles needed is at least 24 and needs to be eliminated immediately. Together with the opening of the Kestel stage, this need will increase! Mr. Levent Fidansoy, the general manager of Burulaş, was aware of this necessity. There were two solutions: purchase of vehicles with new tenders or maintenance of used vehicles in good condition.

1) If there was a new car purchase tender:

In the case of a tender for the vehicles to be needed in the first phase, the budget required would be the most optimistic account: 24 x 3 million EURO = 72 Million EURO. The delivery time will be minimum two years!

2) Used vehicle solution in good condition:

If we calculate the cost: 24 x 125.000 EUR = 3 million EUR (only one new vehicle price) What about spare parts and other replacement costs 2 x 3 EUR = 24 million EUR. So in total 125.000 3 pieces modernized vehicle to the new vehicle price! Spare parts included! (Calculate a summary

6 Million EURO / 44 = 136.000 EUR All-inclusive cost per vehicle!

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who made this calculation, bought 44 high-level vehicle produced in Düwag factory in the coastal town of Holland, which is in a quite good condition with the outstanding efforts of Levent Fidansoy. These vehicles are suitable for BursaRay system and they are in a very good condition.

According to the agreement made between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality / Burulaş AŞ and Rotterdam Train Company RET, the purchased Düwag SG2 wagons were Germany'about Rheinbach is being taken to. Electrical and electronic components are renewed according to 1500 V DC. In addition, the exterior is renewed and is probably painted in Bursa green. While we do not yet have a knowledge of the change of air conditioning and on-board communication systems, we do not see them as a big promlem.

Domestic vehicle production:

We support companies that produce domestic vehicles. He sees such solutions as a temporary solution for urgent needs. Very soon we wish to see the tram and car on the same tracks.

2 of Rotterdam vehicles, which we expect to be officially announced soon, is in Bursa! 750 3 V DC pantomized and side energy on two trains coming to Bursaray Main Control Center. rail system. Even the dynamic gabare tests on the BursaRay line of the vehicles undergoing the tests in the warehouse area were made.

Tool lengths:

Siemens B80 …… .27,70 m
Bombardier N 28,14 m
Düwag SG2 UM 29,80 m

The length, width and height of the vehicles without problems in the interior is very spacious, doors wide and aesthetic. In addition to this beautiful property, which we consider the convenience of entry - exit and ease of access to disabled people especially during intensive use, the operating speed of the vehicles is quite satisfactory.


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