The Rational Solution to the Wagon Open at Bursaray

BursaRay Rotterdam Vehicles and Construction
BursaRay Rotterdam Vehicles and Construction

Bursaray is growing steadily both east and west. After the university and the Labor lines, the wagon shortage emerged with the Kestel stage. There's no time for the new wagon, and it's too expensive. 44 from Rotterdam was bought by President Altepe. The 25 of the cars will be put on the rail, the 19 will be dismantled and the spare parts will be V

There are 78 wagons running on rails inside the Bursaray system. 48 of these wagons was taken from Bursaray's first founding process and 30 was taken as the new generation wagon in the period of the late Hikmet Şahin.


Bursaray is constantly growing. More precisely, the line length is constantly increasing.

For example…

Beşevler extended from Ulu Sanayi University to Uludağ University. Again, it extended to Emek from the Organized Industrial Zone.

And now Şimdi

It goes from Arabayatağı to Kestel.

The extension of the lines introduces the comfort of Bursaray to the wider segments in transportation. But the work also has a transport dimension. Every line that needs to be extended requires a new wagon.


After opening the Kestel line at the beginning of next summer, there will be a very important wagon gap in Bursaray.

So what…

There's not much time to buy a new wagon.


If the Metropolitan Municipality has been tendered for the new wagon as of today, it is not possible to conclude the tender before February.

In February, the contractor will be able to produce and deliver wagons, which will require a new two-year process.


The latest generation of new wagons in the Sahin period was the subject of much debate in Bursa due to the high prices. In a new tender, the wagon price is about 3 million Euros.


Considering all this, Mayor Recep Altepe has developed a different and more practical method and solved the wagon gap of Bursaray with the most rational formula.

According to this…

The 1980 wagon, which was produced by the German company Düwag between 1984-2008 and launched in 44 from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was bought by Bursaray.
As the wagons were used, the measure was also developed against possible problems.


This is the secret of the 44 wagon.

According to the formula developed by Altepe as the most economical solution, 44 from Rotterdam will be put on the rail after the overhaul of the 25 from the car to the interior furnishing and after the modern image such as the wagons still used. The other 19 wagon will be shredded to be used as spare parts.


The system at Bursaray is 1500 volt dc. working with. Whereas, the 29.8 volt dc. It is not possible to bring it directly to the rail.

That's why…

The purchased wagons were first taken to the manufacturer's plant in Rheinbach, Germany, where electric current was transformed. The first wagons 21 reached Rheinbach on October for the transformation work in this context.

Two of these wagons came to Bursa and were put into the test drive system built in Burulaş facilities. We learned from the website.

In a sense…

From the wagon operation conducted by Burulaş silently on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality, was informed.

We will be able to see other wagons in Bursa next year.

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