44 Piece Düwag SG2 Metro Car from BursaRay Rotterdam Acquires (PRIVATE NEWS)

BursaRay Rotterdam solution: BURULAŞ, which has suffered from the international market, has turned to the vehicle used in the existing lines of Bursaray and in the next months.
Burulaş AŞ, 29.8 m from RET (Rotterdam Electric Tram), a subway and tram operating company in Rotterdan, The Netherlands. 44 pieces purchased used vehicles. According to information received from the first RET metro business after passing through the process in a manner that will serve the line passing through various processes BursaRay wagons to be sent to Germany to be shipped to Turkey.
We will see 44 from the purchased 25 vehicle in BursaRay lines in the coming period. The 44 vehicle from the purchased 19 will be disassembled and serve as spare parts. After the technical adjustments and modifications, it is not yet known what the tools will look like.
Delivery of the vehicles to Germany in October 19 announcing that the RET, in his statements seems to be very happy with the sale. Because of the new vehicles in the statements made earlier, since the sale of vehicles 1984 has been reported to have been parking problems.
The length of the vehicles is as follows:
Siemens B80 …… .27,70 m
Bombardier N 28,14 m
Düwag SG2 UM 29,80 m
Here are the metro vehicles purchased by Bursaray:

Source : RET

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