Rails in Tramway Construction in Bursa

Studies are continuing to weave Bursa with iron nets and equip it with modern means of transportation.
Bursa Square, Stadium, Altiparmak, Sculpture, İnönü and Uluyol streets of the T1 line under investigation Altparmak Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, 20 days after the completion of the work will be completely changed the face of Altiparmak said.
Altepe President, said that the fulfillment of the words in this area.
Underlining the lines of metro lines, the tram lines all connect the President Altepe President, which is one of the most important applications T-1 line Altiparmak stage work without harming the environment as soon as possible to spend time to work, he said.
T-1 Line Stadium Street, Wednesday Market and Darmstad Caddesi after the stage of the work of Altiparmak reminiscent of the work started Altepe Altepe, the street's 60 part of the rails were installed, he said.
Mayor Altepe said, “In the works that started a week ago, manufacturing operations started while the displacement processes of underground networks were continuing. During this time, tram rails were laid from one end of Altıparmak to the middle. Hopefully, after 20 days, all the manufacturing and construction processes of the street will be finished. ”
Noting that not only tram line works were carried out in Altiparmak in the change and development studies, Mayor Altepe said that the region was once again called 'vision'. kazanHe stated that they worked day and night in order for him to recover and return to his lively days as in the past.
Explaining that arrangements have been initiated on the facades of the buildings from the Çarşı Police Station to the Stadium on the Çatalfırın Viaduct on the street, Mayor Altepe said, “Altiparmak; together with its tramways, sidewalks and building facades, the vision is a region. kazanwill ache. Hopefully it will regain its former vitality. With the Altiparmak and Stadium squares, the region will be one of the most popular places in Bursa.”

Source : I beyazgazete.co

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