Bursa President Recep Altepe Introduced Local Tramway Silkworm (Video)

BBA chairman of Turkey's Bursa Recep Altepe, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, under the leadership Durmazlar The first domestic tram developed by the machine, 'Silkworm', went in front of the cameras for its promotion.
Including design, mechanical components and digital technologies Durmazlar The silkworm developed by the machine was completed as a result of 56 years of hard work of a 60-person R&D and a 2,5-person production team. The tram, called 'Bogie', has the capacity of 250 people and can climb the 8.2 percent slope when it is full, bearing the signature of the same team. Advanced technology in need of 'Bogie' production can be performed in only 6 countries, including Turkey at the moment.
Silkworm's security systems also have a highly advanced technology. 5 separate brake modules ensure that the vehicle, exceeding 50 tons, is stopped at a maximum of 46 meters in emergency situations. If any of the modules fail, additional protection systems come into play. Durmazlar The machine aims to produce 100 trams per year in the short term.

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