How do we trust this railroad? | High speed train

In the study on the 62 kilometer line between Gebze and Köseköy, the high speed train (YHT) route should be investigated carefully in the evening of last Saturday.
The High Speed ​​Rail is different from the normal railways. In order for the train to go really fast, the route should be reduced as much as possible. Therefore, many bridges and tunnels are being built on the High Speed ​​Rail. Gebze-Köseköy railway construction of the company that undertakes, Derince 60 Evler location, at the entrance to the Wonders Beach bridge, collapsed, stood on the ground. When that bridge was completed, three lines of rail would be found on it. The trains would pass. There would be passengers inside those trains.
The fact that a bridge has collapsed during the construction phase promptly raises doubts for the whole construction. The Ministry of Transport wants to rush this business, to run a fast train before the next local elections. Most of the financing was obtained from the European Union. Only about 62 million Euros will be spent for the construction of a new railway on the 150 kilometer route between Gebze and Köseköy.
Well, one of the simplest bridges, if it collapses while under construction, how will the fast train pass through these bridges? .. You have to be very careful. If it works between Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train, I'm sure Turkey will skip era. But this is a business that requires great care and seriousness. Every inch of the road must be meticulously made, bridges, tunnels must be very strong and durable.
Fast progress of work

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