Atinada rail system stopped for 24 hours

The rail system stopped in Athens. Metro and trains stopped in Athens with a 24-hour strike against the Greek government, which prepared the budget cut by accepting the destructions imposed by the Troika.
Railroad workers, protesting the Greek government's plan to make new cuts by accepting the troika's impositions, stopped metro and suburban trains for 24 hours in Athens.
On the next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 48 hourly strike-making union members held protests against the savings measures in the streets of Athens to protest wage cut policies before the planned 24 hourly general strike.
An activist who thinks that fiscal measures will end the parties, düşün I think these measures will pass through the parliament but it will be very difficult to implement. So these measures will cause a crisis in Greece's political scene. I think the new parties will be born in the present to be born, Bence he said.
Engineers also protested the transfer of health insurance to state-controlled funds.
Labor reform is one of the requirements of the rescue package provided by the European Union and the IMF. Only the Athens administration, which has enough cash to pay off short-term debts, is unable to pay debts next month if it does not receive a loan package.
On the other hand, the Greek Constitutional Court decided that the retirement age should be increased by two years and the planned deduction in pensions could be unconstitutional.
The tribunal, which audited the laws before it was presented to parliament, informed Greece about the government's cuts to the public budget in return for a rescue package.
The decree recorded a violation of a number of articles in the constitution, including basic principles such as individual dignity and equality before the law.

Source: Etha

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 15:07

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