Atatürk at the Summit Exhibition Opened in Olympos Cable Car Building

Olympos Teleferik
Olympos Teleferik

📩 19/02/2023 23:17

Journalist Halil Öncü opened the “Atatürk at the Summit” exhibition consisting of newspaper clippings in Kemer's Tekirova town. 'Atatürk is at the Summit' exhibition, which consists of newspaper clippings published on November 1940 between 1950-10, prepared by journalist Halil Öncü, was opened in the Olympos Cable Car building.
Kaymakam Murat Kaymakam Murat Bulacak, in his speech at the opening of the exhibition, Ataturk said that various activities were always carried out in eternal years.

Expressing his respect and gratitude on Atatürk's death anniversary, Bulacak said, ve This exhibition was very meaningful in this sense. The works of Atatürk are still continuing. Since the foundation of our Republic, we have been doing really good work in our country. Atatürk will always be at the top for us. Atatürk's ideas will always continue to live in our country. Atatürk
General Manager of Olympos Teleferik Haydar Gümrükçü gave information about the work.

Explaining that the cable car has been used by approximately 600 thousand people until today, Gümrük At the end of this year, I think we will pass the 600 thousand. Only this year so far 180 thousand people have hosted. We're the world's longest-running ropeway. This attracts people's attention. Bu

Journalist Halil Öncü, who opened the exhibition, stated that he wanted to do something different because of the 74th anniversary of Atatürk's passage to eternity and said, “The purpose of the exhibition is to commemorate Atatürk from the summit. "We did a different study by bringing together the newspapers published on 1940 November between 1950-10."
The participants then visited the exhibition.

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