Has Apple paid $ 21 million to Swiss Railways?

Apple has introduced the new operating system iOS 6 to its users with many innovations. It was soon revealed that the watch design used in the new watch app that came with iOS 6, which brought many innovations, belonged to the Swiss Federal Railway Service.
Swiss Railways stated that they had all the rights to the watch design and that they would file a lawsuit against Apple. Realizing that it was unfair, Apple proposed to negotiate and offered Swiss Railways a remarkable price.
Of Swiss Railways sözcüAlthough Patricia Claivaz stated that they were honored for copying their designs by a technology giant like Apple, they immediately accepted the $ 21 million Apple offered.
Curiously, although a lot of time to enter the two parties did not come up with a relevant explanation. This led to discussions that Apple would not pay this fee. However, global news agency AFB, Apple said that the last day, the Swiss Railways said he had paid the fee.
However, although it was a very small fee for Apple, was it worth paying? It is still a great curiosity why Apple has copied the design with the world's best designers.

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 15:18

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