Antep's Baths, Trams Now Made | Antep trams

Antep's Baths, Trams Now Made | Antep trams
I would like to congratulate those who see Antep trams as the symbol of the city for their foresight at the point we have come to. Antep trams replaced the baths, which have been the symbol of Antep for years. Especially in the beginning and ending hours of the working hours, the Antep trams, which do not leave the living space for a second creature, are the reason why I make this analogy.

In 2011 we have to take the 78 model trolley and be serious even though it is ridiculous to claim that we have moved to the modern system. Because the tram that goes with 10 is capable of causing an accident or even causing death. Here is one of these accidents, including the pit tram, we have 14 tram. 4 departures per day - 4 is only coming to 8. If you are wondering about the remaining 6, they are in the hands of my masters who repair the damage they receive every day because the trams are old.

For the solution of this tram density, the answer to the security guard is very significant.
Or You need to get a new, not a solid tram, “he says.

Due to the cheapness of the trams, as a result of the cheap passenger passengers in response to this interest in the "free shower for every one" campaign was launched. I strongly advise that this campaign should be completed as soon as possible, as the security guard said, but not a new, robust tram.

I believe that it would be beneficial to make additional trips to the tramways in the hands of those masters until the number of tramways and tramways are increased.


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