250 more metrobuses will come to Ankara

In the written statement made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that, except for the 250 natural gas metrobuses received, 2013 diesel bellows metrobuses will be delivered until May 250.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek said, “The delivery of the first 250 of the 50 natural gas metro buses, whose contract we have signed before, was made at the beginning of September. This number reached 25 with the delivery of 25 metrobuses in October and 100 in November. ”
Gökçek stated that the delivery of metro buses will end in May 2013, after all new buses join the fleet, 1999 model buses will be scrapped and the average age of vehicles will be below the European average.
General Directorate of EGO will participate in the fleet of natural gas fleets, 18 meters long, 4 door, single bellows, natural gas, GPS tracking system, disabled platform, air-conditioned, camera and low-floor buses, 36 sitting, 116 will serve as a standing passenger capacity of 152 total XNUMX.




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