Rail traffic rises in Mexico, while rail traffic drops in America and Canada

According to the statement by the American Railways Association (AAR), rail traffic in the US fell in the 44th week in October this year due to the effects of the hurricane Sandy.
Intermodal traffic of US railways was recorded as 1,5 trailers and containers in October this year with an increase of 1.233.475%. In October, intermodal traffic of US railways rose on a monthly basis during the 35 month. In October, 6,1 wagons were loaded with an annual 1.422.654 decrease. In October, the volume of rail transport has declined, with coal coming at the top of the sectors. Accordingly, in October, the volume of rail transport in the coal sector fell by 16, the volume of rail transport in the scrap sector was 24,9, the volume of rail transport in the metal ores sector decreased by 13,3.
According to a statement by the AAR, 3 stated that the week ending November ended with a fall due to the Hurricane Sandy. According to this, while 6,8 wagons were loaded with US 278.230 wagons loading on the US railways, the 6,2 wagon load was decreased by 224.467 compared to the same week of the previous year.
In the week in question, Wagon shipments in Canada were registered as 2,3 trailers and containers, with 50.705 decreases of 3 compared to the same week of the previous year. 18 Wagon shipments in Mexico in the week ending November have been recorded at 10.488 trailer and container level with an annual XNUMX increase.
In the 2012 week of 44, the 13 railway in the US, Canada and Mexico was installed with an annual 1,8 decrease of 16.497.384. Intermodal traffic of these railways was recorded as 4,5 trailers and containers with an increase of% 13.161.986 annually.

Source: SteelOrbis

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