All trams in Konya will be renewed next year

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, stating that a new era has started in public transportation, stated that in addition to the newly purchased 95 buses, 20 new articulated buses will arrive by the end of the year; He noted that in addition to these, 100 new buses of the latest model will be purchased. President Akyürek stated that with the new trams that will start to arrive in April, all tram vehicles will be renewed by the end of next year. Stating that they are working to raise the standard of the city, Mayor Akyürek added 2 new squares to Konya. kazanHe also reminded them.
Tahir Akyürek, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, met with the residents of Alakova, Boyalı, Çomaklı, Loras, Talafar and Yenibahçe neighborhoods within the scope of Neighborhood Assembly programs.
Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek, who spoke to the citizens in the program attended by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the administrators of the Municipality of Meram and the neighborhood muhtars, made important explanations about public transportation as well as infrastructure and other investments made to the region.
Emphasizing that a new period has started in public transportation in Konya, Mayor Akyürek said, “We have produced unlimited boarding passes. Students can get these cards by paying 50 and civilians 75 TL. We also bought 95 new buses and increased the number of flights. 20 new articulated buses are coming until the end of the year. These are environmentally friendly and air-conditioned latest model vehicles that can be used by disabled people. In addition to these 115 new buses, we will buy 100 new buses of the latest model. We are preparing for this subject. Thus, our bus fleet will be renewed. ”
President Akyürek noted that they are working hard to raise the standard in every area of ​​the city, and besides renewing the bus fleet, all the tram vehicles will be renovated by the end of next year with the new trams that will start to arrive in April.
Stating that Konya has reached 2 city squares for the first time, Mayor Akyürek continued as follows: “In the world, cities are known with their squares. This is the case in Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Paris, New York. Our Konya did not have a real square. We are currently making 2 squares. One is in front of Mevlana Mausoleum, the other is across Alaaddin Hill, in the area where the Old Courthouse is located. Kent Square, which will reach an area of ​​45 thousand square meters in total, is a great work for our city, it is a sacrifice. By combining a land worth 100 million dollars with Kültürpark, we challenge it with a sense of service. There, 13 historical Konya houses and the Seljuk Sultans Gallery began to be built with the square. Our work at Türbeönü Square is also progressing rapidly. ”
Mayor Akyürek, who instructed to start the construction of a city mansion in the region where the meeting was held, heralded that the residents of the neighborhood will meet and women can receive vocational training. Mayor Akyürek, who created a city mansion in 20 different regions in Konya and stated that they will provide all vocational education, including those in central district municipalities, as one-stop within the body of KOMEK, emphasized that the courses that 15 thousand people benefit annually will reach 25 thousand.
President Akyurek also promised to build a school with a garden suitable for the area, and a gym for the neighborhood.
President Akyürek, by listening to the demands of the headmen and residents of the neighborhood will be done by the municipal administrators said.
After the meeting, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek visited Alakova Primary School and met with the school principal and teachers. President Akyürek gave books to students.

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  1. New tramways should be placed on the tramway of 20 km which is the most sacma of the world.It is necessary to install air conditioner and 5-10 km 2 separate line.