Let the AKP find the money for the Alanya ropeway project!

SAADET Party (SP) District President Sinan Aktas, Antalya Province Special Administration 2013 year budget is certain, 83 million TL budget is 75 million TL, but to be made to the budget for the cable car to Tünektepe 8 million TL by adding 83 million TL has been confirmed.
Sinan Aktaş said that all the needs of the villages in Antalya were left aside, and added additional TL 8 money for the cable car to Tünektepe. Ihtiy What does this mean? This means that if the AKP government wants the power of projects such as ropeways can allocate money from the budget. So why didn't the budget be allocated for the cable car to be built to Alanya Castle? P
Aktas continued his statement: Ak You can say; 'Tünektepe is a place belonging to the Special Administration.' In this case, money can be allocated to Tünektepe, but it does not mean that money cannot be reserved for the cable car to be built in Alanya Castle. In addition, considering the historical and touristic value of Alanya Castle and its contribution to tourism, it has a priority of Tünektepe more than a thousand times in terms of investment priority. The cable car to be built in Alanya Castle could be done with the money that would be allocated to the book and left the budget. We don't say 'don't make a cable car to Tünektepe'. But we should say that we should see Alanya Castle. However, Alanya Castle is 140 kilometers away from Tünektepe in Antalya.
Alanya Castle does not appear from Antalya. This situation reminded us of a famous proverb. 'He who has fallen from the sight of the heart. Even today, if the priorities cannot be seen in Antalya, the needs of Alanya will never be seen when the Metropolitan Law is implemented. As a result, Alanya should definitely be a province. It is necessary for everyone to see and work with all their power. On the other hand, if the parliament is to be given a proposal for Alanya to be a province, it must be constituted in the parliament by a majority that will allow this law to pass. Without a consensus, the opposition's proposal for a law will not be of interest to the AKP, which has done everything that it has done so far, taking into account its political interests.
Therefore, it will not be possible to get any results from such an initiative. The visible village does not ask for guidance. When you take a look at Alanya, you will see that Alanya is a whole from the marina area to the point where Kargicak is located. So it should be considered as the center of Alanya between these two points. By the way, it should never be considered any district. If we want Alanya to grow, develop and become a province, this should be the case. Because there is a natural integrity between these two points and has a serious population like 160 bin.
Konaklı is a district, Avsallar is a district, Demirtaş may be considered as a district, but when you look at a region that looks like a whole, a new district will be difficult to be a province of Alanya. The perspective of events and investments is different from the whole of the party's seriousness and the idea of ​​National Vision and the Party of Felicity Party 63. In the first elections, our people should feel and live this difference by bringing Saadet Party into power by itself. Saadet Party is the only solution and solution.

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