Metro wagons working at a loss in Adana

Metro wagons working in Adana
Since the beginning of the construction of the criticism has always been commemorated.
The ever-increasing costs, claims for technical equipment and the wrong route selection have been written a lot since the first day. Eventually, the only line of the subway was finished, but the result did not please anyone. Now the experts are calculating "How to get rid of this hump".
The metro, which was established to relieve Adana's transportation network, has become a part of the existing system. More precisely, it has not been able to solve the existing problems, it has been mentioned with problems since its construction. Its production turned into a “Snake story”, and its construction continued in the light of heavy criticism. It was finally finished but the desired potential could not be reached.
BRANDS Widening
A separate heading was opened for the metro in the Transportation Report of the City Council, and the problems and solution suggestions were listed. In its current state, the metro, which left a huge debt hump on the back of the municipality, kazanWaiting for it seems like delusional. The biggest solution is to finish the side lines and ensure that they reach crowded areas such as universities, airports and hospitals.
Rail System
According to some, the metro and the light rail system of Adana are the biggest bleeding wounds in transportation. Even fish were caught in pits opened during construction! The picture that came out for the money spent was not at all introspective. Some experts were saying, "Close, you can profit these subway pits." Others were making "joke flowers to the metro bridges, let the environment look beautiful". Finally, only one line was completed and put into service to be used as material for political conflicts. Joking aside, it cannot be said that the subway will not actually work. Because metro networks become functional when they are established like an ever-evolving organism. Here, a separate section was prepared for the subway in the City Transportation Report, and all aspects of the problems were laid on the table.
Metron Problems
* The rail system was built to ease transportation but became part of the existing chaos.
* Metro does not reach Çukurova University and residential areas in Saricam.
* Metro can not use its capacity.
* With the burden of debt and insufficient income, the Adana Metropolitan Municipality has been under mortgage.
* Metro can not pay the debt in the current state, as well as the lack of self-production. Because the passenger carrying capacity can not use.
* Metro is not in the process of expanding its transportation capacity, setting new routes and reaching new regions.
* Promotion and training campaigns are not carried out to get more share from the current passenger capacity of the metron.
* Metro lacking an integrated urban transport system.
Solutions for Metro
* Metro must be reached to university. Approximately 50.000 people cannot be insensitive in this university.
* In order for the rail system to work and to be economical, the sites to be used with users must be combined.
Rail System must be delivered to the university and Sarıçam, and integration with other means of transportation should be ensured.
* Before the rail system is connected to the university, traffic regulation related to urban transportation vehicles should be structured.
* In the city, certain routes of the rail system should be determined which are in the vertical direction and the last stop is the rail system point.
* The direction in which the rail system should be developed and the new routes to be used accordingly must be determined in advance.
* Public transport lines in parallel should be removed and the use of the rail system should be encouraged.
* Ground rail system should be weighted and new lines should be put into use.
* Main rail system which can carry the city from north to south and east to west should be formed. Suburban transport should be activated in the west-east direction.
* The rail system should be transformed directly into a passenger transportable system. There are very large free parking spaces in the metro stations. Instead of going to the city center with the car, the public should prefer the rail system.

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