Young people know about old Istanbul thanks to the Yenikapı excavations

Thanks to the Yenikapı excavations, young people know old Istanbul.
The archeology students who won all four corners of Istanbul describe Istanbul under the ground. The goal is to remove archeology from the academy's monopoly.
Hasan Binay, a graduate student in History of Art at İTÜ, has been working for Yenikapı excavations for years. . Once upon a time it was seen as an obstacle to the completion of Marmaray, but now it is accepted by everyone that the city has completely changed its memory,. Binay said.
The Yenikapı excavations are only one of the excavations. The lost Byzantine city Bathonea, the only surviving medieval fortress in Istanbul, and the 150 in Anatolia, also contributed to the excavations. These students now want to share their knowledge with a symposium.
The students who organized the 'Archeology and Art History Student Symposium' to be held between the 29 and November-1 December, said, Aralık For the first time, archaeological studies are not going to be 'excavation heads' but students will share their experiences. X
They've been preparing for months
IU, ITU, Marmara University, Bosphorus and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University 35 students have been preparing for this symposium for months. Students who dream of archeology and the days that everyone can dream of 'custody' can say: ini At the beginning of every historical ruin, a security officer cannot stand, especially in Suriçi Ar. They invite everyone who is wondering what is going on in Yenikapı excavations on this Saturday to Yenikapı. The program of the symposium can be reached at the archaeologists.

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