What will be the logistics center?

Geçtiğour i güin the Hatay, Mustafa Kemal University (MKU) held 1. It hosted the International Logistics Summit. Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOĞAKA) Deputy Secretary General Onur Yıldız, Mayor of İskenderun Yusuf H. Civelek, MKU Rector. Dr. Hüsnü Salih Güder and Hatay Governor Celalettin Lekesiz talked about their opinions about the Master Plan of Antakya and Osmaniye Logistics Support Centers as well as their contributions to the region.

Iskenderun's logistics base, working together with Antakya and Osmaniye to create a logistic infrastructure that will create synergy, increase the market share of İskenderun in national and international transportation, to improve the competitiveness of the region and to be an important hub port in the Eastern Mediterranean. When we evaluate the reflections of this situation to the region, the following results are revealed:
Especially the developments in information and communication technologies change the perception of distance all over the world. The capital flow accelerates and shapes the consumer demands. With increasing global trade volume, products sent from one end to the other end of the world reach consumers with low costs. Considering all these and intense industrial investments and the privatization of the Port of Iskenderun, the fact that the region is one of the global logistics centers and located at the crossing point of international transportation corridors in the north-south and east-west direction further strengthens the existing potential.

The Regional Logistics Strategy Plan, which will contribute to the economy of the region and the geographic and competitive advantage of the city in this sector, will contribute to the economy, employment and improvement of the living conditions of the city with the logistic activities that will increase. port will win the property. The national and international logistics giants will be attracted to the region, new business lines will be created and employment will be provided. The region will be the first port after Mersin, which has a railway connection to the south, and will be the transfer hub for products coming from Anatolia and the Mediterranean region to Anatolia or coming out of Anatolia. In the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region, the ports in Iskenderun will be turned into the entrance - exit gate in order to meet the inputs of agricultural products that will be formed with the GAP project and to market the products to be produced in the world. The region is an active logistics center Turkey's international trade by bringing together become apparent that a greater share of the take.

Reducing environmental problems such as traffic, noise and air pollution for the people of the region, gathering the logistic network to a center, relieving urban transportation by regulating the vehicle traffic, making infrastructures suitable for the criteria determined by taking into account the needs of the logistics operators.

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