High-speed train will end at 2016

The project, which is considered to be carried out by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments covering the provinces of ANTALYA, Konya, Akşehir, Nevşehir, Kayseri and their districts, was discussed at Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) with the participation of Konaklı Mayor Abdullah Sönmez and a small number of people.
Giving information about the subject, Project Coordinator Gülçin Dalgıç said, “Considering the population and economic potential of our country, the railway found is insufficient”. “The railway network in our country passes through 81 of our 37 provinces. The low geometric and physical standards of the existing lines limit the line capacities. These prevent a modern management on the lines. The share of our railways in freight transport across the country is 7 percent and in passenger transport 4 percent. The length of the high-speed train project, which is planned to be built between Antalya and Kayseri, is 582 meters. 613 thousand 150 kilometers of the project is located within the borders of Antalya province. Its Alanya connection is 500 thousand 57 meters long. 347 of the 82 tunnels to be built between Antalya and Kayseri have Alanya connections. 20 of the 43 viaducts in the project will be connected to Alanya. Two of the 4 stations to be built are connected to Alanya. "One of the two stations to be built between Antalya and Manavgat will be in Manavgat and the other in Serik."
Saying that two separate lines will be operated with electricity for both freight and passenger transportation, Dalgıç said “The geometric standards of the railway were designed as 2 kilometers per hour for passenger and freight trains. "The smallest curve radius is thought to be 250 thousand 3 meters and the maximum vertical slope as 500 percent in route surveys." Speaking after Dalgıç, Project Expert Çetin Çakır informed the participants about the environmental impacts of the railway project. After the information was given to the participants by the experts, the opinions of the participants of the meeting were also received. Answering a participant's question about when the project will be completed, Çakır said that the railway network is planned to be completed in 18. Another participant, who spoke at the meeting, wanted the railway network to be extended to Gazipaşa Airport.

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