Spanish OHL: Boss praise from Turkey


For over 10 years the world who work in Turkey famous construction company in the Spanish OHL's president Juan Manuel Villar Mir, "We enjoy working in Turkey, we feel comfortable as our home," he said.

OHL, which built a wastewater treatment facility in Konya and built the first part of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line project, is finally carrying out the construction of a triple railway in Marmaray, which connects Europe to Asia under the Bosphorus. Villar Mir, chairman of OHL, an international group doing business in 3 countries, answered questions at his office in Madrid.

"In Asian countries we do business in Turkey has importance for us 1" said Villa Mir, "We are very pleased to be in Turkey. It is an important country for us and we are satisfied with what we have done so far. Ourselves in the domestic market in Turkey, we feel like in Spain. We believe that Turkey will always be a useful way to continue to work, "he said.

OHL chairman of the facilities offered to foreign companies in Turkey, "the grand vision of the country" by defining the form, the words continued as follows:

"Turkey is located between Europe and Asia, but, as a very important strategic position. Its area and population is also very large. Also, it is truly a key country for peace and stability in Europe and the Middle East. In my personal opinion, I think Turkey will be something to be desired for all of Europe into the European Union. I want this very much and we are always ready to give the support we can. "

And the development of the Turkish economy in recent years is "very positive" sees Villar Mir, "Turkey is a country managed well. I have a great admiration for Prime Minister Erdogan for his work and decisions. I think it was a great prime minister of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is showing a steady growth, implementing successful policies that reduce public deficits, "the assessment found.

Villar Mir also said, "We know that the relationship between the Spanish and Turkish governments is at an excellent level," and stated that this reflects positively on bilateral economic relations.

In the meantime, OHL President emphasized that Marmaray, which has a budget of 1 billion Euros and will pass under the Bosphorus, will be the "only example in the world", said, "We are realizing a difficult project that has no example at the world level. Perhaps the English Channel tunnel may be similar to this, but it is different in Istanbul because the two continents will merge. 3 different trains (fast, freight, suburban) will pass through the tunnel that connects Europe and Asia. Technically it is a very complicated job. No such work has been done in the world yet. We are very proud of accomplishing this job ”. - News 7

Günceleme: 13/12/2020 23:09

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