Geneva, Switzerland, also plans to build a rail system built vehicles and fixed stations since the 1890 producing the following electrical components SECHERON company in Turkey market dese Ş service maintenance center.

Secheron company has an AC / DC high speed breaker or Contactor in almost every vehicle (train and tramway) purchased from manufacturers such as ALSTOM, ABB, SIEMENS, BOMBARDIER, ROTEM, CAF in the world and in our country.

Secheron has become a leading brand in the railway market and a leader in the world market.
dese Company SÉCHERON firm continues to represent Turkey for many years and cooperation.
In this sense, Secheron products are widely and effectively used in rail systems and vehicles around the world and the reasons for their long life are based on the following basic principles.
1. Since 1860, Secheron has been operating in the same field and has made a worldwide name in the rail system vehicles.
2. Secheron has been the brand name for AC and DC speed breakers and contactors.
3. In the production of its products, quality standards can never be compromised.
4. Their competitors (such as ALSTOM, ABB, Siemens) often use Secheron products for their preferences.
5. Although Secheron sells its products through vehicle manufacturers (such as ALSTOM, ABB, BOMBARDIER, SIEMENS, CAF, ROTEM), it continues to provide services in close cooperation with user and operator customers, to provide information, to assist and to provide information.
6. Customer demands and problems are constantly improving its products.
7. It recommends the use of original spare parts to ensure the safe use of its products in the long term, and should not take any risks with outsourced and cheap poor quality.
8. The usage, operation and maintenance of the devices are done in accordance with the manual and the life of the products is increased and the faults are reduced.
Based on this understanding SECHERON components of care and the need for help and support that may be used as the STI des SÉCHERON and both companies will be available in the continuous market in Turkey.

Source: Nurettin Atamtürk

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