Our MPs Call for Raybüs?

Our MPs, raybenüs Internalin Phone Eder?

Our deputies will work between Karabük-Kurşunlu, for RAYBÜS TCDD Do they call the General Directorate of Karabuks demand?

Former Zonguldak Deputy, Minister of Transport, Zonguldak-Devrek born, the late VEYSEL ATASOY, Zonguldak - Karabük - Çankırı - Ankara working mutually between WHITE TRENI-EXPRESS launched the expedition.

This is the Express; Zonguldak-Karabük-Çankırı-Ankara between the stations, regional and regional transportation provided great convenience by providing economic recovery.

Cities and regions; For the economic and social development, port-sea, station-railway and maritime vehicles-rail vehicles will contribute to the development of the country and the region, and will also ease the road transportation density.

Ilgaz-Kurşunlu-Atkaracalar-Çerkeş-Ortaca and many settlements in the immediate vicinity of the countless cities, there are no big shopping places. The people of this region go to need the cities of Tosya-Kastamonu-Ankara.

RAILWAY transportation vehicle which will run between Karabük and Kursunlu will be able to meet a big need and contribute to Karabük economically.

It is a very short distance from the Kursunlu-Ilgaz junction.

With a pair of scissors from Kurşunlu, the railway line to the Ilgaz junction will meet a great need.

The cost of the railway line between Kurşunlu-Ilgaz junction is also very small.

The traffic density at the Ilgaz junction and the winter days show the importance and urgency of the issue.

Even the RAYBUS, which will be operated between Karabük and Yenice, will bring great economic vitality.

The RAYBUS, which will operate in Karabük-Yenice-Çaycuma and even in Zonguldak, will lead to very large services and economic-social development. It will contribute to regional development.

I am of the opinion that the West Black Sea Development Agency should address the issue.

Failure to use the existing railways in our region and in our country, leaving our railroads in an idle state, not evaluating our values, like the bankrupt children of the rich father, harms the development of the country.

Let's see, let's find out, let's realize the difference between seeing and seeing, evaluate our values ​​that are not evaluated, let's win, let's gain, enrich our region-our country.

They say that they are not given to the crying Ağ

Let's not cry, let us take the right, what should be done and can be done to demand, let's do what is necessary to do.

Let the unemployed give up work, let us live happy and peaceful.

We love ourselves, we love lovers, love our country, love, and let us love the happiness.

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