Where is the Malatya Trambus Line?

Malatya Trambus Line Passes Through
Malatya Mayor Cakir 18 meter bus buses longer than the buses; The fact that the rear wheels have the ability to move in the opposite direction of the front wheels, provides great convenience in terms of maneuverability. Malatya Mayor Cakir, Başkan This system can be completed much faster than rail systems; Starting from the School of Driver, will arrive to Dede Korkut Park in front of Mashti. Here, the line will be divided into two and one will go up to İnönü Street, Atatürk (Kışla) Street and Mehmet Buyruk Street to Çöknük. The other will continue on the ring road and go to the Çöknük direction in the direction of the Battalgazi Junction. The two lines that connect here will reach to İnönü University via a single line. Many students were educated at İnönü University and the construction of a new stadium; ”This has created the need to transport this line there. bu

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