The rail system in Istanbul will be 2016 Km in 300

The rail system in Istanbul will be 2016 Km in 300
In the interview we had with the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Topbaş, we talked about Taksim Square, Çamlıca Mosque and Golden Horn yesterday. Today, Mr. Topbaş has good news about Istanbul traffic.
What will this Istanbul traffic?
Those who live in this city see the great distance Istanbul has covered in recent years. The despair that the transportation problem will not be solved has disappeared. Because the transportation network was established in the city in line with the plan prepared based on the integration of the black sea and the rail system. Systems that will solve the transportation problem of the city from the metrobus, to the tunnel road, from the new sea lines to the subway began to be put into use rapidly. It is knitted by the Istanbul rail system from Kartal to the Olympic Stadium, from Sarıyer to Yenikapı. During our period, we invested 24,3 billion TL in transportation. Travel times have dropped. More than 400 new vehicles join the traffic every day, but the average travel time has decreased from 53 minutes to 49 minutes.
What is the concrete target of transport?
We've broken records when we've made intersections, underpasses, connecting and tunneling roads with traffic capillaries.
We have built 259 intersections and roads so far. The road we built reached 404 kilometers. Thus, we realized much more than the sum of the crossroads and road investments made in Istanbul throughout the history of the Republic. We increased the rail system from 45,1 kilometers to 118,6 kilometers. We have become the institution that makes the biggest investment in rail systems among the municipalities in the world. One of the most important lines that make up the backbone of the latest Istanbul metro, Kartal & Kadıköy We opened the subway with our Prime Minister. We have seen that transportation eases in the Asian side of the city. We are commissioning the Metro line of Kirazlıİkitelli Başakşehir Olympic Village soon. Bus station-
Bağcılar line comes after him. We connect this 22-kilometer line to the Hacıosman & Şişhane line in Yenikapı, which we take from 8,5 kilometers to 23,5 kilometers. When this line is integrated with Marmaray, it will become one of the lifebloods of the city. Yenikapı will be a new center where 2,5 million people move daily. Kartal-Kaynarca, Üsküdar Ümraniye Metro is currently under construction.
You insist on 2016 for transportation. Why is that?
In 2016, our rail system network will reach 300 kilometers with Marmaray. KabataşWe are preparing the tender for a new 24,5-kilometer metro line extending from Beşiktaş and Çağlayan Courthouse to Alibeyköy and Tekstilkent.
After this, we have further planned subway works of 70 kilometers in total. All these investments have paid off. In 2004, the daily number of passengers using the rail system was around 400 thousand. This figure, which is below 2 million today, will increase to 2014 million 4 thousand people in 950. In 2016, 7 million people will use these systems. When we reach 2023, 11 million people will be using the rail system. Thus, the entire transportation infrastructure of Istanbul will be changed. Transportation will not be a problem.
As the President of the World Union of Municipalities, how are the relations between Istanbul and world cities?
Turkey shining star in the world.
Istanbul the locomotive of Turkey ...
When you say Istanbul, the waters flowing all over the world stop. Mr. President of UCLG as important ... the terms of showing the point where the leadership of the Prime Minister of Turkey, I run an organization is a member of the local administrators who manage 60 percent of the world's population. I am also one of the top-level panelists of 26 distinguished individuals, including the British Prime Minister, who is the advisory board of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki Moon. All the cities of the world want to get closer to Istanbul.
Lamartine said, "If you have to look at the world once, just look at Istanbul." Everyone's eyes and attention are on Istanbul ...

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