Istanbul's lost mosque was found on the tramway!

Did you know that you pass through a mosque on the tram that you take from Vatan Street every day? Yes, it's not a joke. The tram that passes through Vatan Street passes through the Mehmet Pasha Mosque.
Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who criticized the construction of the 99 mosque within the boundaries of the district, revealed how the media distorted the subject with a rare example.
Demir stated that the mosques in question were completely destroyed, and that the tram has now passed over the historical Kara Mehmet Pasha Mosque on Vatan Avenue.
- Where exactly is this lost mosque in Aksaray?
- Right in the center of Aksaray. Right across the Valide Sultan Mosque. Right in the middle of the road. On the road that Tram passes.
- The party on Ordu Street. That is the Laleli side.
- Yeah yeah. It is before Pertevniyal High School before going to Ordu street. It is called Pertevniyal street. The top of the underground bazaar.
- Isn't it the same address?
- Same is the same, now Abdi Efendi Dervish Lodge is still on the Abdi Eefendi Dervish Lodge. This building is probably 40 or 50 years old buildings, very old buildings. The old 1 \ 1000 is also seen as a residential area. The new 1 \ 5000 is again residential area, residential area and residential area. Let's take a look at the Abdi Efendi lodge.

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