Alternative Pedestrian Crossing Opened to Bağlar Railway Crossing in Eskişehir

As an alternative to the Bağlar Railway Pass, which was closed to traffic last month within the scope of the underground project of the railway line in Eskişehir, a pedestrian crossing was opened to transportation at a distance of 100 meters.
Bağlar Parade 100 meters from the two September Middle School Bacı Street between the pedestrian crossing the study of the pedestrian crossing of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Suleyman Reyhan, said the gate will be found 24 hours of duty.
Stating that the high-speed train project is one of the most important works of the government, Reyhan said that the works in Eskişehir continue within the scope of the project.
Recalling that Baglar Passage was closed to traffic last month, Reyhan said:
“Since Bağlar Passage was closed to transportation, citizens had requests to cross the street. We have transferred these requests to TCDD powers. As a result of the negotiations, it was found appropriate to open a temporary pedestrian crossing in the area between Bacı Sokak and Iki Eylül Secondary School, 100 meters from Bağlar Pass. There will be 24-hour friends here. Good luck to our citizens, this temporally planned parade. ”

Source: Haberciniz

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