Deputy Minister of Transport, said the transportation networks, have not been done on time, the last 10 years have been made quickly

Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Yahya Baş said, X Transportation networks have been made very quickly, in the last 10 years, not very quickly, c he said.
Head, in his speech at the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Meeting, noting that the city of Kocaeli is an important industry in Turkey, he said at the geographical crossroads of the province.
Kocaeli, Istanbul is close to the traffic density due to expressing the head, the narrowing of the population in the narrow area and the fact that there is a significant part of the industry has intensified transportation.
Baş, said that a serious transportation work done in the region, said that the work done in the face of rapid growth is not enough. Transportation networks, timely, the last 10 years is not done quickly voicing Baş, stressed that it is very neglected.
In the last 10 year, the transportation point is not only in Kocaeli, but a major breakthrough throughout the country. The railway connecting Kocaeli, especially Istanbul-Ankara and Istanbul-Anatolia, passes through the center of Kocaeli. Railways are a curtain that divides the city into two. Then we need a cost to cross over. The same is true of motorways. Ot
-YHT studies-
Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train due to work due to the Köseköy-Istanbul traffic is stopped reminding Baş, the work is planned to be completed within the year 1 reported.
Yahya Baş stated that the junction problems would be solved in this study and that they decided to make a third line next to the line.
The line will be used both by conventional and freight trains, said Baş, said the line will be made on the side facing the sea, they said that they think they will respond to the demands of the industrialist.
The head, which has an important position in terms of ports, said that the ports in Kocaeli are not sufficient to respond to the modern need. In fact, they are desired at the 34-5 point to be modern and larger. This is our goal as the ministry in the next stage. If the 6-5 ports could be collected at the point, the railway connection would be very easy. We will use our third line for this purpose. This line will be provided to the industrialists who want to provide the necessary connection, Bu he said.
Marmaray line to come to Gebze to Istanbul-Kocaeli between shortening the head expressing, the line does not have much work, waiting for the completion of the studies expected to be completed, he said.
- North Marmara Motorway-
Yahya Baş, Dilovası-Gebze highway line is a network coming to the point of voicing said, the North Marmara Motorway could provide solutions to this density, he said. Noting that the section covering the northern part of Kocaeli is not yet tender, the tender will be tender when the work of the relevant place with the build-operate model, hoping to make the tender next year, he said.
In the southern part of Kocaeli where Karamursel and Gölcük districts are located, it is planned to plan the highways and in the 2013, the implementation plan will be implemented for the related parts.
The head stressed that the plan will be connected to Yalova and said, orum I do not know when to start the construction of this highway, but we will start the implementation plans in 2013. Their auction will be held in 2013. God willing, if he realizes the road on the beach, o he said.

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