Smiling bay dolphin suits İZBAN

Smiling bay dolphin suits İZBAN
Although I am not counted as a fanatic of Izmir, I probably couldn't live in Ankara or Istanbul. I could not do it in the crowd of Istanbul, in Ankara's plot. I could not stop without being intertwined with the sea, without stepping on the ground and green, and escaping to the heavenly corners around Izmir on weekends.
I am in favor of providing transportation in Izmir mainly by sea, then by metro and high speed train. The bus is my last choice. Especially in this century, I cannot see the tram as a means of public transportation other than nostalgia. I don't know right, I don't know wrong but I think so.
I always dream of the bay full of ships and boats. I'm watching the sea even when I'm on the bus. Especially, I am a fan and patient of those wonderful creatures called dolphins. I can't get enough of watching them. Recently they appeared in Kuşadası Bay next to the boat I was in. One, two, three, four dolphins. Oh my God, they were as fast as missiles at sea. They passed under the boat like arrows over and over. When they came to the sea surface they called out to us. They were extraordinarily beautiful.
Dear Izmirians, IZBAN wanted the 40 train sets ordered to the South Korean Hyundai Rotem company to have a dolphin smile. Aegean people are full of love, they are enjoyable, they know how to choose. Here is the proof. They even want their trains to be like dolphins.
In the survey conducted by İZBAN, the high-speed train with 'Yunus smile' received the highest vote. 'Deep blue' was the second, and the 'Kingfisher' was the third. The trains of İZBAN, the front of which is as beautiful as a dolphin, will start from the first months of 2015. I have no doubt that we will love them as much as dolphins.

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