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I live in Cankaya Oyak Estate.
Inspector. Most of the time we are outside Ankara. We spend the weekends in Ankara, and we are on the road again on Sunday night. The practice of inspectors is usually so. Sunday night to ride the 24.00 bus, 23.00'de leaving the house, one of the 115 or 413 bus ride into one, 23.30'de Red Crescent was at. From there, I reached to AŞTİ by using Ankaray and I was moving to the place where I would take the bus. But I haven't been doing that for a while. After the evening 20.30'dan after the buses to the Red Crescent removed. I couldn't believe this before, but I met with our neighborhood headman, it really is. Meanwhile, at the same time, blue public buses and Red Crescent minibuses should not work.
I was going to TLT to 2,5 TL, now I have to go by taxi, if I go directly to 23 TL, to Kızılay by taxi, and if I go to Ankaray by using 17 it costs TL.
What I don't understand is: How can a public service be eliminated with such arbitrariness?
How can it be possible for municipal buses or minibuses to operate with the highest profit rate at any time, and to end the voyages during the number of passengers? Aren't people going to family visits? Or get bored and go to a Red Crescent. they won't say? Or will they not have to go somewhere in the night like me? Everybody has a private car, why should he drive in the city every time?
The municipality restricts the access of people to the city and also kills the vitality, movement and living conditions of the city. A bus passing through the neighborhood at night time reminds people that they live in a city, that there is a life here, other people breathe, and they go and go somewhere. A sense of order. 'The last bus passed!' When you say 20.30, the place where you live is no different from the village. Yes in my opinion it is three four hour difference is very important. Unfortunately, we do not know the importance of details, the weaknesses are managed by weak people.

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