IZBAN spending on 700 million pounds approached

IZBAN spending on 700 million pounds approached
Mayor Kocaoğlu pointed out that they have spent close to 2005 million TL since 700 for İZBAN. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who stated that the subject of IZBAN is distorted, said: yatırım The British, French investment, the nationalization of the Great Leader, the investment made since then and the investments made in the last Ecevit government, their land values ​​are being discussed in the account of İZBAN. Our 700 million investment is also trying to be small. We are in 2005 Karşıyaka We took the base at the station. We have signed the protocol, that is, our interest in the Aliağa-Menderes line and this is the date we started to spend money. We're all open. Since then, which of the government agencies, which one of the many costs in accounting appears to be compared. Ours is open. We have exceeded 650 million. We walk to 700 million with Crescent Station. We don't know anyone else's accounting. They also take out, 2005'teki IZBAN after laying the foundation said they spent this money. We are not already the owner of İZBAN line. Except for the money we will give to the checkers, we have obtained permission to use the line for the year 700 in return for TL 49 million. 450-500 will be spent in million pounds. ”

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