Ongoing Highway Investment 586 Million Lira

TBMM Justice Commission SözcüAK Party Bartin deputy Yilmaz Tunc, Bartin in the ongoing program of investment in the highways investment program announced that 586 million pounds.
AK Party Bartin deputy Yilmaz Tunc, the 10 211 in the AK Party ruled that a total of £ 1 million spent spending. Deputy Tunç, milyon In the period before the AK Party MHF-DSP-ANAP power 4 million pounds in the year 25 highway investment was made, while only in the AK Party 2012 million pounds in the amount of 76 was invested. This clearly reveals the difference of the AK Party power. Before the AK Party rulers, we have made a double road to 60 in Bartin province, which has no double way. We made the Bartın ring road worthy of the city with its hot asphalt and pavement works. Bartin-Amasra-Cakraz between the 25 kilometers we made a double road. We started the works by making the tender for Çakraz-Kurucaşile road. 30 kilometers to the road to be built as a divided road 12 kilometers to 24 mileage tunnel construction began. We started the construction of a thousand 75 meters tunnel between Bartın and Amasra. We moved 750 meters in the tunnel. We have completed the crossroads between the villages of Ahatlar-Kaleshah on the Bartin-Amasra road. Bartın-Amasra on the old road, we have done expansion work. We have awarded the 36 kilomere highway between Aydınlar village of Arın town of Bartın. We have completed the cross between Arıt-Aydınlar village. Work continues between Bartın's Arıt town. We took the Kumluca-Kozcağız-Abdipaşa highway into the investment program. We completed the project work and brought it to the stage of construction tender. We received approval from the General Directorate of Highways. In the coming days, the road will be auctioned. Bartin-Safranbolu between the Kirazlıköprü Dam to the 17 km double way we have completed. We provided the necessary allowances for the construction of the Bartın-Abdipaşa dam road. We completed the construction of the Viaducts of Celalihan and İncirlidere. We also made construction works in the landslide areas of the Kumluca-Abdipaşa highway. As in all areas in Bartin, we also made historical investments in road works. I would like to thank our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Binali Yıldırım and all the employees of the highways and contractor companies for their contributions. Baş

Source: IHA


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