50 percent of the work in the High Speed ​​Train project has been completed

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, regarding the point reached in the works carried out within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train project, said: “Nearly 100 percent of the excavation part of the infrastructure works, 70 percent of the filling part, 80 percent, and above 50 percent, to give an average. We can say that it is finished for all. Let's not see the remaining 50 percent as a small job. ” said.
Minister Yıldırım was briefed at Yarımca Construction Site in Kocaeli regarding the High Speed ​​Train works on the Gebze-Köseköy-Sapanca line. Yıldırım was accompanied by Governor Ercan Topaca and other officials. Minister Yıldırım, in a statement to the journalists after the briefing, said that they have been following the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train project, Marmaray project with monthly construction site meetings in the last few months.
Yıldırım continued as follows: “For example, we had a meeting at Marmaray Construction Site before this meeting. We evaluated the progress of Marmaray, now we have a meeting here, we will go to Bilecik, and from there we will get the report of the progress of the High Speed ​​Train project between Eskişehir and Köseköy. Now, we have made a 55-kilometer line between Kösekey and Gebze, and we have also examined from the air, where they have given all the details of the work done at the contractor companies. Both underpasses and overpasses, what kind of works are being done to make the train line as 3 lines, in addition to all of these, the percentage of progress of each work, where were we two months ago, where are we now? Where we came from where we were in excavation works, filling works. How much did we make underpass, overpass and culvert now how much did we do. Where is the percentage of progress for the whole job, we see all this. ”
Stating that they held these meetings because they wanted the project to be ready for opening on September 30, 2013, Minister Yıldırım said, “We have such determination. For this, daily, instant, monthly follow-up is required. We conclude these follow-ups with these meetings. ” he spoke. Underlining that it is very important to have governors and mayors at the meetings, Minister Yıldırım said: “They have some demands at their neighborhood. Some issues have warnings and corrections. It suggests whatever it takes to make the project better. We immediately evaluate those suggestions. Otherwise, when doing the puzzle after doing the work, both time wasted and cost increase occurs. We want the project to be carried out and put into operation in a way that will provide the most benefit to both transit traffic and settlements on the route. ”
Yildirim, in this meeting, the work is going as planned, but taking into account the requirements of the coming season, some efforts to be made a little more emerged that the necessity. Minister Yıldırım said, uyar We have made the necessary warnings to the contractors on these issues. At the same time, there are transitions such as electricity, water, gas, which are very time consuming. Our municipality may provide the necessary contribution to coordinate with the relevant institutions in order to make their depreciation much faster, and they will follow up closely. Thus, the subject will be completed without wasting time. Konu
Upon the question about the point reached in the works, Minister Yıldırım said: “There are hundreds of work items here. They all have a turn. For example, we can say that the infrastructure works are almost over 100 percent of the excavation part, 70 percent of the filling part, 80 percent, and above 50 percent for the whole. Let's not see the remaining 50 percent as a small job. There are serious things there. Its rails will be laid, poles will be erected, the sides will be electrified, such as transformer substations. These are very important things. In order to be able to do these, it is necessary to make the infrastructure first. If we are not careful during that work, we do not have the chance to do some of the most recent action first. Therefore, the importance of these meetings becomes apparent at this point. ”
Minister Yildirim, Istanbul Sinan Erdem Sports Hall in the tennis tournament held last Sunday, and then see a reaction on the question about the abandonment of the hall, "He finished the subject assessed." Replied. Minister Yıldırım, helicopter from Kocaeli to Bilecik passed.

Source: Star Newspaper

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