3. Financial support from the Treasury to the Bridge

Funds received from Treasury for projects
3 to Istanbul. Bridge and 3. The project received financing from the Treasury for projects carried out via Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), primarily the airport. No limit will be applied in the debt instruments to be exported to be sold abroad for the financing of the tenders.
Financial support was given to large projects, which were disrupted last year due to the lack of financing by the private sector. To be able to provide more comfortable financing to BOT investors, a limit will not be applied in the issuance of debt instruments to be issued for sale abroad. The Council of Ministers' Decision on the Amendment of the Decree on the Limits on the Export Limits of Debt Instruments was published in the yesterday's edition of the Official Gazette and entered into force. In the said decision, kon Exported to be sold abroad for the purpose of providing financing or refinancing of the related project or business by the commissioning companies established for the purpose of making investments and services to be realized within the scope of the build-operate-transfer model. The limit is not applied in the issuance of debt instruments to be issued aracı.
At the beginning of the big projects to be made by BOT, Istanbul is now 3. Bridge and 3. Airport comes with bridge and highway projects. It was known that the large groups that participated in the auctions or received the contract had problems in providing financing. With this flexibility coming from the Treasury, capital groups will be more comfortable in providing financing.
State guaranteed 480 thousand dollars per day
3. The government had changed the terms of the tender and increased the vehicle transit guarantee when the tenders were not received in the earlier tenders of the bridge and highway project. Previously, the 100 bin vehicle warranty 135 was removed to the vehicle. In other words, the state will pay the difference to the partnership if this number does not pass. 3 dollar + VAT will be charged at the vehicle pass. 3. The daily income of the company will be at least 480 thousand dollars per day with government guarantee, even if there is no vehicle crossing from the day of the commissioning of the Bridge. Even if the vehicle passes 35 per thousand, the 100 will pay a thousand dollars for the 354 vehicle, which never exceeds İçtaş-Astaldi.
3. The bridge will cost 2.5 billion dollars
The Odayeri-Paşaköy Section of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, which includes the construction of 3.Köprü to be built on the Bosphorus, was held in May. İçtaş-Astaldi partnership won the tender with the 10 year 2 month 20 daily period. Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, said in a statement following the tender on the financing of the project that the process of finding credit is limited. Yildirim emphasized the following points:
Uz The company can start to work with equity if we want, and we want to do so. We will provide all kinds of convenience as administration. It was also mentioned in the specification. The process of finding a loan may be extended. But we cannot define it as unlimited time. Therefore, the process of finding credit is limited. Bu
Minister Yıldırım's 'limited' time to find the loan time was designated as 6 months. In this context, 6 will have a monthly period after the partner has been delivered to find credit. However, this 6 has to start with the construction of its own resources even if it cannot find credit at the end of the month.

Source: news.gazetevatan.com

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