3. 17 Litigation on the Bridge

3. 17 sued the professional chambers against the zoning plan that envisaged a change in the 17 of the route of the Bridge Project. Yildiz Uysal of the Chamber of Architects said, “There is a change in the plan, but the plan itself is absent; everything is uncertain. her
3. 1 filed nine professional chambers against changes to the 5000 / 17 zoning plan, which foreseen fragmentary changes on the Bridge Project route; but there is an interesting plan change, but it does not.
Poyrazköy-Garipçe will be constructed between the Bosphorus and the 3. The drilling for the bridge had already started.
Non-governmental organizations, professional chambers from the beginning will leave Istanbul breathless to the project, as it does not solve the transportation will make more problematic, saying that the construction will increase.
Three years ago, the 1 / 100.000 prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the 3 scale. The bridge was not located and was definitely opposed.
But the government is 3. After the bridge was brought up again, a few minor changes were made in this plan, and then the construction of a bridge with the North Marmara Highway 1 / 25.000 scale was opened.
”The route is unclear, there is no plan“
The lawsuits against nine zoning plans of the nine professional chambers of the TMMOB are unlawful. Meanwhile, 3. 13 17 1 / 5000 ZNXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
But Beykoz, Eyüp, Pendik, Sarıyer, Tuzla, Büyükçekmece, Tuzla, Silivri, Çatalca, Arnavutköy, Başakşehir Sancaktepe, Sultangazi, districts have no changes.
Yıldız Uysal, a member of the Chamber of Architects Urbanization and Planning, said: en In the past, the mistakes were tried to be adapted to the al legal cover Mimar. Now he has disappeared. There was a change of plan, but we couldn't find the plan itself. It is not clear how the route will be; everything is uncertain. her
Uysal, 3. He said that the project was initially presented with claims such as bundan clearing the transit traffic from the city's inner traffic un, ”not building the structure around the bridge m, but adding the railroad on it and making the airport next to it.
When only one highway is constructed in Sultanbeyli, Uysal points out that there is an increase of 2100 in construction. Olduğ When the bridge and airline are placed side by side, it will be a nightmare of Istanbul Sultan.
”Water collection basin and forests should not disappear z
In the case filed in the case against the change of plan, 3. The decisions taken by the Bridge about the necessity should be noted:
* Economic and rapid transportation of people, not primarily of vehicles
* A public transportation-based transportation system should be installed in Istanbul, which is equipped with high-capacity, high-quality and transportation-type railways.
* Avoidance of transportation and settlement decisions that will trigger the development of the north, disrupt the natural-historical structure of the city and create additional transportation problems in the long term
* The negative consequences of a Bosphorus crossing provided by the highway between east and west of Istanbul were experienced with the urban development pattern that emerged after Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge crossing.
* Since the natural thresholds of Istanbul are damaged in such a way that they do not have a similar process, further developments should be avoided, which will lead to further destruction of the catchment areas and forests.

Source : www.bianet.org

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